To become a Wanaka Squash Club member you need to register with on this website.  Simply fill in your details on the New Membership page.  We'll contact you about subs and any other useful information you might need.

Below are a list of fees for the club and our main activities.  Once you have paid your membership fees, you will receive a lights swipe key. 

As of 2018, Wanaka Squash Club is introducing a new short term membership called "Give It a Go" where you pay only $100 for 3 months.  If you choose to continue after 3 months, you just pay the remainder of a normal membership fee e.g. $220 for an Adult membership.  This deal is only available to new members who aren't, and haven't been, a member of a Squash New Zealand registered club.

If you have any problems registering use the Contact Us form or call Jeanette 027 543 7719 or Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Membership Fees

  • The Adult and Family fees below can be subsidised by up to $100 by taking part in various club fund raising activities.
  • If you join in November your fees cover the summer and the next year.  That's 4 free months!


Type $NZ Renew Period Notes
Adult $320 Annual 1st April-31st March >18 at 1st April.  Can enter all tournaments and get national grading.  Can use all facilities and play in all League Games for free.
Junior $70 Annual 1st April-31st March

<18 at 1st April or at school. Can enter tournaments. Can use facilities. Must be a member for coaching.

Senior $200 Annual 1st April-31st March >65 at 1st April. Can enter tournaments.  Can use facilities. Can play in Club Leagues.
Family $420.00 Annual 1st April-31st March 2 parents (guardians) and their under 18 year old children in the same household.  Can enter all tournaments, get national grading. Can play in all League Games for free.  Can use all facilities.
Country $100.00 Annual 1st April-31st March Must live outside Central Otago. Can enter Club Leagues.  Can use  facilities. Can be nationally graded.
Give it a Go $100 3 month Any period Must be a new member and not have belonged to a Squash NZ registered club.  Limited entry to competitions.  Not registered with Squash NZ

Pro-rata discount for new members.

There is a discounted rate for those join the club late in the season.  Note - this does not apply to re-joining members or members transferring from other clubs

Joining date Adult Family Junior
September 1st to October 31st  $220.00 $320 $55
November 1st to March 31st $120.00 $220 $40



  1. Internet banking (preferred option) to payment to 02-0673-0105122-000.  Please include you name, invoice number and membership type.
  2. Cash to Jeanette Toghill or at the bar at the clubrooms.