These procedures are being reviewed continuously so please keep an eye on them and any new notices at the club rooms as we move between levels and identify new hazards.  

Play safe!

  • No more than 10 in the club at any one time.
  • There will be cleaning spray before you enter the club and inside for you to use.
  • Please book online and enter all names.  There will be a register at the club to complete in addition.
  • We are having signage made with information regarding precautions for managing COVID-19.  This will include cleaning schedules and easy availability of hand sanitizer
  • Off-Court Social distancing of 1 metre
  • There will be cleaning spray and sanitiser at each court to spray the glass wall and door after the game.
  • No sharing of equipment
  • Avoid using the showers if possible
  • Please don't enter the club if you are not feeling well
  • Only 1 referee for a game. After refereeing this should be sprayed and sanitised.
  • If there is any hint of a Covid-19 carrier has been in the club we will close the club until appropriate sanitizing measures can be conducted.