The club uses an online booking system, Skedda, on this site to manage bookings.  Bookings are 45 minutes a session.  You can access this system from any desktop or mobile device with a data connection.  It will also be linked to the club's Google Calendar.   Members and the public can make bookings though members have privileges during the evenings in the squash season.  

Some simple rules to observe

  • Don't book consecutive sessions (e.g. by using your and/or your partners details), especially during week nights.  
  • If someone has made a booking and you haven't, please vacate the court.  Conversely, if you have made a booking and someone is on court, you may tell them to finish up.  You may need to use your phone to show your booking.   
  • Don't forget to cancel bookings you are not going to use.
  • Club block reservations take precedence over member bookings regardless of when a booking is made.  If the committee needs to reserve a time you have already booked, we ask for your understanding.  We attempt to block courts as son as we know they are needed but this is not always possible.   

All  bookings and cancellations produce a confirmation email.  You can also import your bookings onto a calendar (e.g. Google, Outlook, Mac Mail etc.) to add reminders and so on.   


Booking a court

  1. If you are a member or have booked a court before login using your credentials (email and password) for Skedda.
  2. Click on the calendar for the 45 minutes slot you want
  3. New or non members, register your name, email, contact number, and agree to the terms and conditions (see above)
  4. Click Confirm Booking
  5. Done

Cancel a booking

  1. Login to Skedda
  2. Click on the drop down on the top right of the booking
  3. Click Cancel your booking/Yes do it.
  4. Done

Note.  If you do discover a problem, please email the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.