The League

The League is a social intra-club competition that gives both graded and ungraded players an opportunity to play other Wanaka members at about the same level.  There is a autumn, winter, spring and summer league.  

League may be for national grading points (main winter season) or a non-point handicapped version (shoulder seasons).

They are:

  • usually run on Monday and Tuesday night from 6:00 to 9:00pm
  • mixed gender
  • comprised of 8 teams of 4-5 levels - level 1 being the more accomplished players and 5 being those fairly new to the game
  • an opportunity to meet new playing partners
  • an opportunity to support  your team
  • an opportunity to support the club by buying something from bar (it doesn’t have to contain alcohol!).  This pays for the heat-pump that helps the ball to bounce in the depths of winter.
  • are organised by the Duty Team.

Other useful stuff:

  • If you win:
    • you shout the other player a something from the bar.
    • you move your name one place above your partner (if higher-placed) on the club ladder
    • all games you win are aggregated into a team score. 
    • the team with the most points at the end of the round wins a bar tab
  • You ref a game every night
  • Team captains organise the open and closing of the club and bar
  • If you can’t play, contact your partner AND organise a reserve.  Don’t just tell someone that might be playing that evening.  Contact details are in the draw or on the contact list on the website.  Please don’t leave your partner without a game or a surprise change.
  • Games must be played on the designated night.  You really need to be there to make it a social event.  If you don't make it, you don't get points.  
  • Pennants rolls over to a new round after 7 weeks.  You stay pretty much where you are unless you ask for something different - e.g. you tell the organiser if you can't play the upcoming round.  
  • If you’d like to play but can’t commit to every game, you can put your name on the reserve list

Club Championships

A Squash NZ graded competition played over a week and ending with finals on Saturday night for club members.  Determines champions for each grade within the club and a number of other awards such as Most Improved.  You must be graded to play.

Queens Birthday Open

A Squash NZ graded competition open to all NZ squash players.   Played over a week and ending with finals on Saturday night on Queens Birthday weekend.  You must be graded to play. 


A social competition played in one day that all members can play.

  • Draws will be done in 8’s or 4’s and everyone will have 3 games over one day. Scoring similar to Summer Rules but no handicap for 2nd game.
  • Entries will be limited so we can ensure all games are played. Points will NOT go to grading.
  • Each person plays 3 matches.
  • Match times:Warm-up: 3min (buzzer will signal end of warm-up), 1st game: 10 mins, ½ time(buzzer will signal end of 1 min break), 2nd game: 10 mins
  • Games will start around 10:00am


  • Point-a-Rally
  • When buzzer goes at end of either game and points are tied, next point wins the game – as per Summer League rules.
  • For the 2ndgame, both players start off at nil all.
  • At the end of play if games are tied 1-all, then a 3rd game is played until one player reaches 5 points. Please mark and ref the game straight after yours.