The rostered duty team is responsible for:

  • Opening the courts and turning on lights and heat pumps before the first game
  • Setting up the scoring tablets and laptop for results entry (stored in bar area)
  • Opening the bar and till
  • Closing the bar and till
  • Operating the EFTPOS and till 
  • Closing the courts, turning off the lights and returning the key to the box
  • Sweeping the courts with the orange dust busters
  • Emptying the recycling from under the bar to the wheely bins, especially the bottles
  • While the captain may not actually perform all of these tasks they are responsible for seeing them completed.

Captains are responsible for:

  • Ensuring there is a complete team for the draw
  • Completing the competition draw with player codes and results 
  • Updating the club ladder 
  • Organising the playing order
  • Organising the umpires and scorers 
  • Emailing the results to the controller